Ben and Dan discuss what you need to do before getting your first RapidWeaver site online. We also let you know about four new exciting addons this week and rant about web design trends.

Our topic is all about creating and publishing a site with RapidWeaver. We talk about getting a domain name (we use namecheap1 or Hover), some hosting (Dan uses Dreamhost1 where you can register a domain and get some hosting), publishing your site online, and some basic SEO settings. If you're just getting started with RapidWeaver we have a “Getting started with RapidWeaver tutorial series” that you should watch.

The four new addons we talk about are: Carousel Complete stack, Filter 1.1 stack, SimpleSearch stack, and Opening Hours stack.

We even have time to squeeze in a rant about what our favourite (or least favourite) web trends are.

We'll be back same time, same place, next week. Until then, Happy Weaving!

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