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HTML5 Video utilizes the latest technologies to play video on your site without flash! It will fall back to a flash based player for browsers that do not support HTML5. You can customize the player theme and colors to match your site design perfectly. A video thumbnail stack is also included that you can use for links or launching your favorite lightbo_x.

Version 4.3.0 Release Notes

v4.3.0 • The TED and WMP player skins now properly display • Updated to latest verson of mediaelement libs

Community Reviews

Video made easy

Written by today915 2 weeks ago

I have only messed with this testing but I like the thumb to lightbox view. I need to find a place to use this because it was easy to use and works nice. I need to get more of the HTML 5 video (and audio) incorporated in my sites and this makes it easy. Probably if I spend less time messing around with images I could find more time to mess with video and audio...when I get to that place, this will be waiting to drop right in.