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Scroll loops through your images in an smooth and elegant fashion. You can customize the way that Scroll will loop through your images. It can either scroll back and forth from left to right or in an infinite loop. Scroll also has a navigation bar that will allow your visitors to scroll through your images even faster.

Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

v1.2.0 (9/11/2015)

  • Updated Scroll to work with Stacks 3
  • You may need to toggle some setting in order for them to work again.

v1.1.8 (8/13/2015)

  • Updated tags for better organization in Stacks 3 library
  • New icons for Stacks 3 library

1.1.7 9/23/2014

  • Removed all comments from code
  • New meta tags for stack version tracking
  • Getting ready for **** launch

1.1.6 (12/14/2012)

  1. All JW stacks have taken a diet. They are all leaner and mea

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