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SiteCake Stack

The SIteCake Stack let's you define several dynamic regions in your Stacks page to be used with the popular drag and drop SiteCake CMS, this is useful to give your clients the power to Login to their website and make several changes and updates to their pages.

Simple, drag and drop CMS for easy editing

With this Stack and SiteCake CMS you should be able to drag and drop various content types at the website, You can drag an image, from your desktop or file manager, and add it to the website. If you add more than one image SiteCake will make a slideshow of it.

And if you want to add a downloadable file, just drag it to the page and SiteCake will make a link, with the name and the length of the file, and will not override any user defined content.

Version 1.1 Release Notes

[ADDED] Compatibility fixes for RapidWeaver 6

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