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Featuring the Visitor Interaction Panel, Dexture gives you the ability to easily design websites that visitors can interact with and customize.

As a RapidWeaver developer one of our guiding principles is "Beautiful web design, less effort", and Dexture embodies this like no other theme.

From its extensive style and color options, to its complete iPad and iPhone support, 7 ExtraContent areas, and built-in lightbox and slideshow support - Dexture is designed to help you make amazing websites, quickly and easily.

Key Features - Drop-down & Split Navigation menu options - in the same theme! - Complete iPad & iPhone support - Ultimate color control - Extensive style options - ExtraContent - Built-in lightbox (FancyZoom) - Built-in slideshow support (jQuery Cycle plugin) - And much more

Visit the NimbleHost website for more info and a live preview.

Version 1.4.2 Release Notes

Internal changes in preparation for upcoming features.

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