OpenStreetMap Stack 2.2.0

2 days ago

Update Stack by inStacks Software

With OpenStreetMap Stack 2, you are easily able to integrate free maps into RapidWeaver projects. OpenStreetMap, Thunderforest, Stamen, Esri, Mapbox

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RapidCart Pro 4 Stacks 4.16.0

1 week ago

Update Stack by Foreground

Build customized, fully functional, responsive product pages with RapidCart Pro Stacks.

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MyMenu 4.0.0

1 week ago

Update Stack by Will Woodgate

Provides a method of adding a vertical or horizontal custom menu bar to a webpage. Uses theme-generated links or supply your own links.

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Video BG (Video Banner) 1.0.4

1 week ago

Update Stack by Wondrousss

Video Banner

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Timed Content Released

2 weeks ago

New Addon Stack by One Little Designer

Display content based on time intervals or by exact date. Includes an optional countdown clock to convey urgency or increase anticipation.

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