A flat-file content system for Foundry that allows you to create easy-to-use blogs and embeddable content all without needing a database.


Blogging & Beyond

Build better blogs and manage your content, quickly and easily. Alloy is a flat-file content system for Foundry that allows you to create beautiful, easy-to-use blogs, as well as embeddable content and data droplets all without needing a database or coding.

Lightning Fast

Since Alloy uses a flat-file format instead of a database, your blog loads exceptionally quickly and scales well as your site grows.

Blog Posts

Alloy is primarily geared toward creating beautiful, easy to use blogs. The Blog Posts can be created, maintained and deleted all directly from your Editor's backend. We can schedule future Blog Posts, work on drafts and so much more.


Embeds allow us to create chunks of content that can be inserted right into our RapidWeaver pages. Once they're embedded and the page has been republished we can edit that content straight from the Editor any time we like, without the need to republish the site from RapidWeaver again.


Data Droplets allow us to use small snippets of text, or images, to control aspects of our pages, whether that be a Banner background, a header or just about anything else. As with Blog Posts & Embeds, Droplets are created and maintained right in the Alloy Editor.


Alloy includes an Editor stack, which is the hub for all of our content. It allows you to manage your Blog Posts, Embeds and Droplets directly from your site.

Customized Design

Alloy provides a wide variety of settings and controls for customizing the look and feel of your Blog and Editor to help you in making it fit in with the rest of your site.

What's new in Alloy v3?

We have added hundreds of new features to the latest version of Alloy. Some highlights include:

  • Embeds
  • Droplets
  • Redesigned Editor
  • Blog Page Layouts
  • Blog Search
  • Pretty URLs
  • Blog Post Tags
  • Posts Navigation
  • Full-page Login
  • Custom Summaries
  • Secondary Login
  • Start as Draft Mode
  • Custom Blog Slugs
  • Image Drag-and-Drop
  • More Localization for Editor
  • SVG Image Support
  • Built-in Commenting
  • Improved Meta Data
  • Improved RSS Feed
  • And sooooo much more!

For a full list of everything new in Alloy v3, be sure to read through the Release Notes page on the Alloy site.

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Alloy Info

  • Version 3.2.0

  • Released Oct 25th, 2021

  • Elixir
  • Alloy Support
  • Version History

Alloy Reviews

Almost perfect


1 year ago

Adam has outdone himself with this. With Alloy V.3, Rapidweaver is catching up with WordPress blogs again. I'm glad I decided to use the Foundry Framework and other tools from this developer at some point!

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James Russell

1 year ago

This is a brilliant product with so many great features: e.g. the ability to quickly change layouts - pagination - banner toppers for each individual blog post - plus its really easy to upload new blog posts from any device without needing Rapidweaver at all. I recently built two sites for other people using it and its great because they can now upload their own content - without having to get me to do it - and without them having to learn or install RW. Its a total gamechanger. I highly recommend.

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Just Awesome!


1 year ago

Alloy v3 is a brilliant update! It's an in-place upgrade from v2, so the longest part was waiting whilst RW republished all files. Embeds and Droplets are a great addition - it's now a very serviceable CMS for Foundry-based sites. Really easy to use (including for End-users), and Adam's support is second to none. It's the ideal blogging suite for those of us who don't think in Binary...

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2 years ago

Simple. Powerful. Brilliant! Elixir strikes again.

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Fast blogging add-on for Foundry


2 years ago

I am using Alloy on my own website and can highly recommend it. You can use this add-on in two ways, either you create an extra page for the editor or you use it with the basic setup and upload your files with any third party software. Either way, it is a very fast and reliable blogging solution for RapidWeaver and Foundry.

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Quality of a high level


2 years ago

I have been working with Foundry since I know Rapidweaver. Recently I also started using Alloy. This blog works perfectly. It is easy to install, does what it needs and other people work with it smoothly. And importantly, if you already need help, Adam will solve this very quickly. In most cases, it is still a stupid mistake by yourself. Highly recommended.

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Blogging made easy for clients

Boray Designs

3 years ago

I said 'wow' when I saw Alloy. What an easy setup and so well explained. My client said 'wow' when he saw his posts.

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Elegant, easy yet powerful

Einfach Gute Seiten

3 years ago

I had been cautious at the idea to set up my own blog. I did see myself struggling with command lines, php requests, nights upon nights of hard labour.

And suddenly everything was so easy. The video tutorials lead you through a very easy setup and within 20 minutes I was able to write my first blog entry. Most of that time was not even work but watching the videos. Just drag a few stacks, publish, set a password, publish again and you are ready to spread the word.

Thanks to Elixir for such a well designed solution!

Jan Fuellemann, Jan. 2019

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Two blog pages into my website


3 years ago

Hello, two blog pages into my website, each with its editor page. Works perfect! Blessed to work with Foundry and Alloy.

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Fabulous Flat file blog

Mark Spaulding

3 years ago

This is really a WONDERFUL and efficient way to add a blog to a RW site. With transit and a markdown app, I can add to the blog on the road, A great solution and elegant to use!

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The Blogging Platform I've Always Wanted


3 years ago

I already did most of my writing for the web (and even my personal journaling in DayOne) using Markdown, so having an entire, super easy to use blogging system relying on markdown is just awesome. And because it's Markdown, you can so easily add more complicated HTML elements if you so choose. Mixing in an automator script with Transmit and I have a very quick way to post to the web. And I can write on the go with my iPad using any of the fantastic markdown editors, or just a plaintext app. I absolutely love it. Is it for everyone? Probably not. But if you're making a website for people who like to format quickly as they write, it's worth teaching. (I have a client who's a professional writer who doesn't really understand coding. I made a printed out a cheat sheet for Markdown and now she does all her writing that way, doing all of her formatting on the fly without having to break her train of thought or spend tons of time editing later.) It's definitely going to be the blogging platform for my own new passion project, and it'll be my first choice for those who have the willingness to learn Markdown.

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Excellent and exactly what I’ve been waiting for


3 years ago

Altough the use of plain makdown files on the server for bloging (and other things) might be not for everyone – I’m uber happy with this adon for Foundry. This fits exactly my needs and whishes. The documentation is perfect. The stacks are somewhat straight forward, but viewing the tutorials helps a lot and is necessary for beginners. I was able to setup and run the first blog in pretty no time and I'm missing nothing. The performace is very good and the pricing fair.

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