A stack that solves the common problem of trying to append or prepend stacks onto other page elements. Best of all, it's free!

Will Woodgate
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As the name suggests, the purpose of this powerful stack is to append stacks onto other page elements.

As an example, you might have a banner area at the top of a webpage that you want to append a special message bar onto. Appender is the perfect stack to do this job!

Appender has a bare-minimum of settings to make setup quick and safe. The only requirement is that you have basic HTML knowledge and the ability to get the class or ID of the element you want to append stacks onto.

Appender uses jQuery Javascript and has four available functions:

  1. Append To adds content inside the target element, as a sibling to any other elements.
  2. Prepend To adds content inside the target element, but before any sibling elements.
  3. Insert After places content after the target element.
  4. Insert Before places content before the target element.

An optional checkbox can be used to hide the content being moved, until the webpage has finished loading. This limits the problem of content "jumping around" on screen, while the page loads.

A polite reminder that if you find this stack useful, please give it a 'like' or write a short review about it on this webpage. If you need help using Appender (like getting the name, class or IDs of target webpage elements) a small donation to cover this time allocation is appreciated, before you get in contact for support.

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