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It's your content. Add it anywhere. Edit everywhere. Welcome to the next generation of content management for RapidWeaver.

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It's Your Content.

Add it Anywhere. Edit Everywhere.

Welcome to the next generation of content management for RapidWeaver. Everything about Armadillo has been refined, improved and carefully crafted to offer the best experience possible.

New in v2.5, multiple Blog support provides powerful new ways to create the site you want in RapidWeaver. Each blog is completely independent from the others, yet they can all be managed together in a single location - no need for additional logins or separate databases.

With Solo Content in v2.0 remotely editing specific portions of your website content is a simple task that can be accomplished anywhere in the world, from any type of device. Armadillo can even automatically create Solo Content for you (as of v2.1), without you needing to be logged into the dashboard.

Content Management Made Easy

Armadillo is a custom-built content management system designed specifically for RapidWeaver. Easy to install and even easier to use, Armadillo brings sophisticated online content creation and management to our favorite web design application, enabling RapidWeaver users to remotely create new blog posts or pages for their website from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

In addition to being a full-featured blogging platform, complete with comments and RSS, Armadillo also provides thoughtful details like a built in lightbox. Novice users will enjoy the drag and drop ease of Armadillo's powerful content editor, while experienced users will appreciate advanced functions like the ability to directly edit the source code of their content and add custom styles.

Armadillo's online interface also provides localizations for eleven (11) different languages, including Bulgarian, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, and English. Additionally, if your web hosting plan has PHP 5.3.1 or greater, you can even save database backups directly to your Dropbox account.

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Armadillo CMS Info

  • Version 2.9.8

  • Released Jun 12th, 2020

  • NimbleHost
  • Armadillo CMS Support
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Armadillo CMS Reviews

That‘s what I was looking for


2 years ago

Thank you so much for this excellent stack. I started working with RW8 half a year ago and now a client asked for CMS (no WP! he said) I found Armadillo as a quick Markus Dick easy stack for my RW Pages. The latest version was exactly ohne day old:) Greetings from Germany

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Remarkable CMS solution.


4 years ago

I've been playing around with Armadillo in advance of building a CMS-based website for a client. I had originally planned to go the WordPress route, but Armadillo is so easy for non-techie editors, I'm going this way instead. Deeply impressed with ease of use - especially given the low cost.

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Quick & Easy CMS for RapidWeaver


4 years ago

From the moment I first started with RapidWeaver last year I realized that the built in blog plugin was going to be a bit limiting so I started looking for a CMS to integrate with RapidWeaver. Took me over a year to actually do it, but I have now starting using Armadillo and am happy with the results.

The online documentation and videos for Armadillo made it easy for me to set up the database on my web host and then complete the process online. Within a short time I was up and running. I have just recently re-designed my website using Foundry and have used Armadillo to configure my remote access blog in the style of my new site. Works perfectly. Having a remote access blog was the main reason I purchased Armadillo, but I will start using some of the other features that come with it. I have created some development pages to test solo content with great success.

Armadillo is an awesome CMS for RapidWeaver. Am glad I bought it; just should have done it sooner.

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4 years ago

Solo Content just gave Armadillo wings! Blogging is one thing, introducing pages + navigation + content turned it into a smooth working easy CMS...- You don't depend on any 3rd party service - its powerful and very simple... And of course it's only so, 'cause Jonathan is dedicated to his projects and to you...

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fast way to allow CMS in RW, my favorite!

Albert Davis

4 years ago

I already use the versions 2 , the version 3 is a great product and easy to use!

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The only true CMS for RapidWeaver


5 years ago

This review is from the perspective of Armadillo as a lightweight commercial CMS solution. I have leveraged it on a couple of projects now, and despite a few missteps it remains the only true CMS solution for RW. None of the other "CMS" stacks offer dynamic page creation and a navigation solution to those pages. This is a core feature of CMS and to me I feel it relegates the other products to being just inline site content editors (which is fine, but they are not content managers). Keeping Armadillo (and indeed many RW stacks) running on WAMP is sometimes a bit challenging, but so far it has proven to be a robust, incredibly inexpensive CMS solution for my smaller clients.

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The perfect CMS solution for RW


5 years ago

Armadillo is a CMS solution that provides the right balance of functionality and technology. Powerfull enough to provide almost everything you need in a CMS, but simple enough for RW users that it doesn't go over your head. Throw is the fantastic support and you can't lose.

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The best CMS for Rapidweaver!

Raimo Karhunen

5 years ago

This thing is awesome, and I am now using Armadillo on almost every new website build, and "retrofitting" a bunch of old websites! It does things, none of the other "Rapidweaver CMS's" do

  • great administration controls (you can give different users different access rights)
  • Blogs! And now Multiple blogs!
  • Users can edit areas right on the website, with easy tools
  • AND you only pay once! No expensive "per site license" that doesn't even do some of the things Armadillo does!
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Simple, elegant and effective!


5 years ago

For easy and straight forward CMS needs in RapidWeaver, this is the stack you want to buy! Easy installation, regular updates, lots of customization possibilities and if you know a little something about HTML and CSS, even more adjustments can be made to tweak your installation even further. After the V2.0 upgrade, introducing Solo Content, almost anything can be edited when you also use the Teleporter Stack bij Doobox ;)

And apart from that: support is absolutely fabulous. Ask a question and Jonathan replies within one day most of the time with useful solutions to your problem. Don't look any further if you want an elegant CMS...

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Excellent remote blogging solution

Jonathan Spencer

5 years ago

A great solution to blogging on a school website I run which doesn't depend on another service. Highly recommended.

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The answer to CMS with RW


6 years ago

I've been using Armadillo for some years for blogs and I'm very happy with it. It's so easy to log into from anywhere. Support from Nimblehost is first rate.

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Just buy it!

George H

6 years ago

This is an awesome cms content solution for Rapidweaver. It is one of my must have tools for any site and the power, ease of use and options Armadillo has built in are amazing. With updates continually being rolled out and superb customer service, you can't go wrong.

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Saved my project


6 years ago

Without Armadillo, my project would have gone lost to WordPress. Super easy to work with. Jonathan is exceptional when it comes to questions that can pop up during a complex project. His support is exceptional. And the quality of his work is, too.

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