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Badge stack:

Create badges for your stacks.

Two types with switch: round, for a single FontAwesome icon (or a single number or letter), and with corners, for multiple icons or text.

For text there is a choice of font: Default, Arial, Fonts Stack. Also in the settings, there is a font size, weight, and color.

For the badge itself, you can configure its size, location, distance from the edge, shape, padding, selecting background: color or gradient (and select a direction from the list).

You can only make an Badge, for example, to display numbers or links to a social network. In the settings, you can set a link and make a tooltip for it using the free PopDrop stack.

Buttons "Other":

  • 1 - adding a border with a color and size setting.
  • 2 - adding a slope with selecting the angle of inclination.
  • 3 - adding a pulsing effect around the badge with size, color and time settings.
  • 4 - adding a floating/jump affect.

Badge Image stack:

There is also a version with images as background for text or set image only for a badge. Additional animation for the appearance of a badge.<br/> Detailed information and examples can be found on this page:<br/>

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Badge Info

  • Version 1.0.8

  • Released Dec 24th, 2020

  • Wondrousss
  • Badge Support
  • Version History

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