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Will Woodgate
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The Blank theme by ThemeFlood has a variety of possible uses; ranging from casual addon testing through to learning web coding, building backend / utility webpages, drafting new content, and even the construction of full websites from a blank canvas.

This latest version (exclusively for RapidWeaver 8 and above) gives you checkboxes to control what libraries or frameworks you want loaded. Plus a single colour picker to change the body background and a setting to control the maximum width of the main page container. There is absolutely nothing else! So this truly is a blank framework you can use, abuse and do almost whatever you want with. No complicated stacks or pages of boring documentation to tediously work through either. Instead, this is a blank theme to dive straight into and start using 30 seconds from now.

Offered in the frameworks and libraries, you can choose to enable:

  • Bootstrap 5, Materialize or Timber CSS as a frontend framework.
  • Font Awesome Icons v5 (free) as an icon library.
  • Legacy RapidWeaver CSS, for things like the old blog, sitemap and gallery page types.
  • A choice of 4 different CSS resets, if you're not using any frontend framework.

With the default settings applied, Blank has a total page size (without content) of only about 4KB. Consider that there are some supposedly blank themes for RapidWeaver that can be over 500x that size!

Blank can be used with any page type, not just Stacks. Elements like dragged-and-dropped banner images and sidebars are still supported, if required. If you need to use custom HTML, CSS or Javascript, then that's all excellently well supported too.

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