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Integrate any public Blogspot / Blogger blog on your own or your customer's websites to deliver a complete website-experience to your audience.

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With the Blogspot Stack you can display any public accessible Google Blogspot-subdomain, aka Google Blogger-blog, on your own or your customer’s website.

It uses your chosen RapidWeaver theme so your blog integrates nicely in your or your customer's website(s).

Good for SEO, because your blog-posts not only appear in Google, but also on your own, or your customer's, website(s).

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Life saver!


2 years ago

Having used RapidBlog on one of my websites from for years, I actually could not apply any changes to this website under RW8 anymore as RapidBlog would cause an error. The BlogSpot-Stack comes as a life- and timesaver to me. It does what I need and I'm sure it will developed further with more twists and tweaks when the community supports it sufficiently. Thanks for making my day!

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