Build portfolios, product pages and more with this specialized, two column stack.

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Build portfolios, product pages and more with this specialized, two column stack that allows an image on one side, that expands into an image gallery, and standard content on the other.

###Images You can have up to 10 images in each slider. This allows you to use a variety of images for each Bloom stack. You may place your images on either the left- or right-hand side of the content. This adds flexibility to your page design.

###Pop-up Gallery Clicking on an image in the stack brings up a slider that covers the content of the stack, and allows the visitor to scroll through your beautiful images.

###Scroll into view When a visitor chooses to enlarge your images, opening the slider, you can choose to have the stack scroll the browser so that the full-size image moves upwards into view.

###Mobile friendly Bloom is fully responsive. It orients itself to make viewing on mobile platforms easy and intuitive for your visitors. It also allows them to use swipe gestures to navigate the image gallery on mobile devices.

###And more... Be sure to check out the live preview site and product page for the Bloom stack to learn more. We've included a video on the product page as well to walk you through its features and how to use the stack.

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Bloom Info

  • Version 1.0.3

  • Released Aug 19th, 2019

  • Elixir
  • Bloom Support
  • Version History

Bloom Reviews

Elegant way of displaying images next to text/other stacks

Jonathan Spencer

5 years ago

Bloom is an elegant way of displaying multiple images next to other stacks. It would be even better if it supported warehoused images but that would be a tiny complaint of a great stack.

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Beautiful way to display or present multiple items or services


6 years ago

This is a deceptively simple stack that does what no other stack does. It is basically a 2 column stack and one side is a gallery that shows only the initial image. However, click on that image for an elegant expanded slider that includes the rest of the (hidden images). As always with Elixirs stacks, there is great attention to detail.

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Great Stack!


6 years ago

This is an incredibly useful stack I really like using it. The one improvement I would like to see is to be able to have more control over the height of the text side of the stack. Constraining it to the size of the image makes it hard to display more compound information (typically of a product description) alongside the image as it will be cut off if too long! But certainly very useful!

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