Clean and professional project file using Source micro framework

Shaking the Habitual
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I am pleased to announce the launch of Botanist, our latest Source project file. It is a really nice and clean, professional project that could be used for a variety of website types.

Key features

  • Stunning header sections
  • Interesting layouts with different widths
  • Another super-fast and efficient Source project (run it through Google Lighthouse to see how it scores!)
  • Examples of using the Source 'Companion' stacks to add features such as animation, FAQs and testimonials (sliders)
  • Much simpler project than recent releases (no utility classes etc)
  • Extensive developer notes so that you know exactly how everything has been achieved!
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Botanist Info

Botanist Reviews

Keep 'em coming. These projects are terrific!


4 months ago

Botanist is yet another great Project from Stuart at Shaking the Habitual. It takes advantage of Source and has helped me be more confident in my use of this framework. I have several projects now and am about to pull the trigger on the lifetime deal!

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Botanist is beautiful


4 months ago

Botanist by Shaking the Habitual is a rare unique project. It is downright beautiful. And on top of it, it is superfast since it is based on the Source theme. Source theme is a micro framework with just the necessary code for the page to work, so it scores high in speed. The fastest site I have made have all been made with Source. Highly recommended.

Kind Regards


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