A stack that allows you to add stunning (and fully responsive) charts to your RapidWeaver projects. Perfect for simple or complex datasets.

Shaking the Habitual
7 reviews

Charter stack is built on the incredible chart.js library and harnesses the power that that brings into an easy to use stack.

The stack currently allows you to add 7 types of charts:

  • Pie charts,
  • Doughnut charts,
  • Line charts,
  • Bar charts (horizontal and vertical),
  • Polar Area charts
  • Radar charts

More chart types will be added in due course.

There are also countless options in the stack that allow you to control things like titles, tooltips, legends, labels, gridlines, colours and much more!

The charts are interactive too. Hovering over any of the data points in a chart will show you an information bubble/tooltip. Clicking on any of the items in a legend will toggle that item’s visibility. It is all beautifully animated too.

Check out the website to see the example charts in action. And be sure to view on mobile too to see how well the charts translate between devices.

Also available as part of our bundle deal. See website for details.

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Charter Info

  • Version 1.3.2

  • Released Apr 04th, 2019

  • Shaking the Habitual
  • Charter Support
  • Version History

Charter Reviews

Complete package

Alfredo Bauer

1 year ago

A complete package of infographics like powerpoint! heavily customizable and easy to use. recommended!

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Perfection - Powerful Charts for my Financial Analytics

Dividend Driven

2 years ago

Charter is easy to implement, heavily customizable and loads quickly. I have used multiple charts of different types on many pages in my site and everyone I show it too has been impressed. I no longer have to create images of my graphs and charts from Numbers and place them on the page. It's such a time saver for me and I look forward to using Charter at the end of every month to update my numbers. Thank you Stuart!

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Great stack with a superb support

Piero Gabrieli

2 years ago

The stack is really innovative and supersimple to integrate in a website. But what I have appreciated more has been a surprisingly fast and perfect support to solve a new instance making the stack to perfectly adapt to my own needs. Thank you Stuart .

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Great stack 10/10


2 years ago

Great useful stack, great abilities to progress in the next updates. Looking forward to more advanced features in future updates. Instant purchase. I recommend buying it, customer service very good. 10/10 to Stuart.

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Innovative Programming


2 years ago

Stuart seems to be really innovative in his development of Rapidweaver stacks and couples that with extremely responsive customer service. To me, that is an unbeatable combination. Charter really pushes the bounds of what is possible with charts in RW. Highly recommended!

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Best way to display charts

inStacks Software

3 years ago

If you search for a way to display charts in RW, don't look further. Perfect stack!

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Easy to use, versatile, and fun


3 years ago

My site has some data-heavy pages that include charts. I previously did these in Numbers, screen captured the Numbers chart, and then pasted them in as PNG graphics.

Charter has a better way. It lets me make charts -- Line, Bar (horizontal), Bar (vertical), Pie and more -- easily.

For simple charts, I specify the labels such as "2015","2016","2017","2018" and then the data such as 121,255,209,300. The chart "makes itself" automatically. When viewed in Preview or live after publishing, the lines, bars, pies, etc. animate into place which is a nice touch.

But I can also do more complex charts by exporting a Comma Separated Value table from a Numbers or Excel spreadsheet. Check out video #3 of the tutorial to see a bar chart showing data for each month of a year (one bar made of 12 parts) and then 11 years worth of data (11 total bars).

I tried it and in version 1.1 there is currently a limit of 10 datasets per chart so I can only do months Jan-Oct. But I wrote to the developer who said (even in the video) that more datasets are coming in version 1.2., so Charter can handle 12 datasets.

I'm pretty picky about colors, line weights, getting rid of "chartjunk" lines, etc. Charter is good for fine tuning all of these.

I also like how the chart is "transparent" meaning if I add a Charter stack to an element that has a background color set, the chart is drawn on the background color. It blends right in. Of course if you want to set a background color, border, rounded corners etc. like any other Stack, you can do that as well.

I re-did a chart-heavy page in less than a day -- and it was fun. If you want to see, check out Many of the various buttons on the page have one or more Charter charts in the drop-down.

I would highly recommend Charter. When I did have a problem, I got a reply within an hour, so the service seems great as well.

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