The original charts stack. Bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, area charts, doughnuts and meter gauges in a single stack.

Will Woodgate
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Displaying data to your website visitors in a way that's easily understood and visually appealing is a tough task. The Charts stack aims to make this an easy process.

This stack was previously developed by SeyDesign and Nimblehost back in 2012, and is based on the popular open source graphing plugin called jqPlot. By request of several customers, the Charts stack has received a substantial update. This third generation of the Charts stack is now mobile responsive and boasts more features.

The Charts stack supports multiple data series, line and bar graphs (which can be animated) as well as area charts, scatter plots, doughnut and pie charts, and even a meter gauge. Each type of chart comes with its own customisable options, giving you extensive control over how your chart is displayed. Multiple Chart stacks can be used on the same page, if you want to create a more sophisticated "wigetised" dashboard.

To load data into the Charts stack, you can use a basic CSV spreadsheet file. Most spreadsheet software and code editors can create CSV files. Therefore the Charts stack is very novice-friendly.

A free trial version and sample project file are available to download for Charts.

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Charts Info

  • Version 3.0.0

  • Released Dec 08th, 2020

  • Will Woodgate
  • Charts Support
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Charts Reviews

Charts - convert data to graph, easy as pie ...


1 year ago

Charts stack is a powerful tool to convert your csv data into beautiful graphs.

Charts can work with csv file loaded into Resources of the project file or from relative url or absolute url. There are chart options like bar, line, pie and others. The stack offers many options to tweak, like data label tilt, font colors, data series color selection and many others. Charts can display multiple data series and all that even animated.

I am working on a intranet website for statistics on Spectrum Protect server (former Tivoli Storage Manager), like TB backed up, migration, tape mount/drive and other. A script generates csv data from SQL statements and load them up to the server, the website with Charts presents the csv data in beautiful and animated charts.

Will Woodgate is a versatile developer, great in communicating with the user and always ready to help. The staks4stack website provides real examples, a project file for RW8 with many examples, and even a try-before-you-buy version of the stack to download and try out. I personally find the price of the stack very user friendly for all what it provides.

You should really give it a try. It's a fantastic stack.

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