Circle Menu

A killer inline expandable circular menu with sleek expanding animation. It can be used to create all kinds of menus from profiles, and more.

One Little Designer
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Menu Types With Circle Menu, not only can you create circular expandable menus, but you can create menus that are square or rounded too!

Inner / Offset Menus With Circle Menu, items can be contained inside of the menu or sit on the edge of the menu with an offset option~

Smooth Open/Close Animation Circle menu has a super sleek expanding animation on open and close which makes playing with the menu intuitive and fun!

Individual / Shared Colors Easily create menus with shared colors, or create menu items that have custom colors with a single click!

Icons / Images Menu items can contain icons from the greatest icon fonts on the web, or they can contain any background image that you'd like!

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Circle Menu Reviews

Nice looking and good support from 1LD


5 months ago

I like the nice look of these menus, but I wanted the stack to appear slightly differently from what I had on my screen. I just wrote to Jonathan who sent me (very quickly !) a new version that did exactly what I wanted ; great !

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