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If you are showing sample code in your work, then the Code stack will make it convenient and colorful. This version has built-in highlighting of such codes as: HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, JavaScript, AppleScript, Ruby, Markdown, Markup, Objective-C, C-like, Python, Swift.

The stack includes 12 themes (dark and light).

You can choose three types of display language code. In the first version, the language of the code appears in the upper right corner on hover. In the second version, the panel at the top with the name of the code language (on the left) will always be visible.

  • Type 1 - you can add a border in which you can adjust the color, thickness, appearance.
  • Type 2 - you can customize the color of the panel and turn on the shine at the top right.
  • Type 3 - the code will look like in the Mac OS window (the shine on/off).

Include line numbering and line wrap for multiline line number. Line wrap works in conjunction with line numbering.

Copy code. You can enable code copying by adjusting the color of the icon. As an icon, you can use the font FA.

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Code Info

  • Version 1.0.7

  • Released Feb 20th, 2022

  • Wondrousss
  • Code Support
  • Version History

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