A simple, self-contained and highly flexible commenting solution. Perfect for guest books, product ratings and customer reviews

Will Woodgate
4 reviews

This is a small, simple, self-contained commenting solution for anybody wanting to add a comments box to a webpage. CommentsStack is ideal for collecting product ratings, user feedback / bug reports, guest book entries or other comments. Some of its key features include:-

  • No complicated database - comments are stored in a plain text, editable text file on your web server
  • Zero dependency on outside services - no more integration of slow, buggy and intrusive Facebook, Google+ or Disqus code
  • No personal, identifiable user data is collected - so this solution conforms well with the EUs most recent privacy laws
  • Several basic security layers - including bad word lists, maths questions and restrictions on what a user can enter in the comments box
  • Comments are displayed instantly - with unique permalinks and the ability to get sent a simple email notification
  • Massively customisable - lots of powerful options to customise how the form looks and everything is language translatable
  • Extra features - like pagination and multi-column masonry layouts for larger collections of comments
  • Powerful ratings - easy to toggle off if not required or take advantage of our 'opensource' approach towards building a custom ratings system
  • Works perfectly behind a firewall - making it ideal to build into a Sitelok or Lockdown private membership website

This stack will not be for everyone. But if you have modest commenting requirements and have grown tired of what the big companies force you to use, this could potentially be a brilliant solution. The premise of keeping everything 'in house' certainly bodes well with respecting user privacy and having total control over the complete setup.

You'll find CommentsStack works with most RapidWeaver themes. A free demo version is provided, which you can use to fully evaluate CommentsStack and explore the wide choice of features provided in this v1 release.

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CommentsStack Info

  • Version 1.5.0

  • Released Jan 21st, 2022

  • Will Woodgate
  • CommentsStack Support
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CommentsStack Reviews

The support is fantastic! And the stack as well!

Riccardo Delfino

5 months ago

Will rewrote the stack for me within a few hours so that I can now publish the day and month names in German. Many thanks for the wonderful support and your reliable work!

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A very useful stack


1 year ago

CommentStack is very useful. No other stack does what CommentStack does.

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2 years ago

Because of Covid-19, the design college I teach at had to transition to online / remote learning one week before finals. Usually, our last day we have a 'critique' of each students final project. This was hard to do for us as the school was still implementing their online solution. Their priorities were in getting the next semester ready to go. We were to manage, mostly on our own, for the colleges last week of the semester.

My solution was to build a website - everyone submitted their work. They posted comments about their own efforts, as did I. I used the Comment stack to allow the students to comment on everyone's work as they saw fit. I'm relatively inexperienced with Rapidweaver (just a few sites under my belt) and it was my first time using the CommentsStack. A quick scan of the directions and the stack was implemented without a hitch. As a design professional, I'm pretty sensitive to 'ugly' and I'm sometimes disappointed when a stack doesn't have the settings I need to fully implement the design elements I'm after. With this stack, I was able to control everything I wanted. While I didn't need assistance, Will is one of the handful of developers who go above and beyond when it comes to support. That, plus the depth of quality in his work is what keeps his products a predominant part of my workflow.

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Great Alternative to Disqus


3 years ago

I create course websites. As such I need to use the ability for students to make comments as part of online discussions. I used Disqus at one point as it allowed for a free SSO (single-sign on) solution that worked well with Sitelok (for protecting privacy). However, about 3 years ago Disqus changed their policy and now charge $199 a month for SSO capability!

Obviously I needed another solution. Comments is perfect! It works seamlessly with Sitelok. It stores all comments as a simple text file on my server that I can download and use. It's easy to implement. It includes several important options I use: reverse-ordering of comments (newest comment at bottom), convert URLs to hyperlinks, and much more. The look and feel of the comments is great, and with some simple CSS you can customize the look even more.

If you need a commenting or discussion option for your site then Will's Comments stack is a great way to go!

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