Add counting effects to your Stacks pages to present your numbers in a more interesting way.

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  • Count UP or Count DOWN
  • Count once or multiple times
  • Count with or without decimals
  • Count with or without grouping
  • Add a prefix or suffix to your number
  • Use custom number characters
  • Lots of font options
  • Use responsive time delays
  • Over 20 easing options
  • Works with reduced motion

Count is lightweight, easy to use, and packed with tons of options to animate your numbers. Set the duration, time delay, trigger offset, custom fonts, colors, responsive sizing, and more. Count can be set to trigger once, or trigger every time the number comes into view.

If you need decimals, set how many decimals, and even change the decimal character, and add grouping to a large number, with a choice of grouping characters.

Variable fonts let you set the exact font weight so you number looks great no matter what font size is used. Choose from one of the 10 built-in variable fonts, or upload one of your own. You can also use Google Fonts, custom web fonts, or just inherit the font from the page.

Count has over 20 built-in easing effects to speed up or slow down counting, and comes with smart-easing for larger numbers which lets you set a threshold for when easing should start.

Count can respect the visitors' browser preference for reduced motion, and instead just show the final value without animation.

Count will be supported in the upcoming Stacks 5 App, as well as continued support for Stacks 4 in RapidWeaver 8.

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