Responsive Discord server status widgets, in a choice of embeds or popups

Will Woodgate
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Disco embeds a Discord widget on your RapidWeaver website. It works to display a list of who's online in your server. It also displays a button for website users to click and join a Discord server from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Although Discord provides their own similar widget to do this same task, the Disco widget is specially optimised to include responsive sizing, improved edit mode visualisation, and light and dark themes (including auto-detection of dark mode on a computer). Plus a brilliant option to display the widget as a popup, like a chatbot window.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of chat services (like Discord) exploded in popularity; with physical shops and support centres closed and more people working remotely. Despite “lock down“ restrictions easing for some in recent months, many of us have grown fond of using Discord. Particularly with the toxicity of mainstream social media services and the relentless barrage of trackers and advertising.

The Disco only displays a list of who's online in your Discord chat room and a button for new members to join the server. The actual chat threads, discussions, media and messages are NOT shown, because obviously this is confidential information only available to those who are registered and logged-into the official Discord app. There presently isn't any method of embedding a full Discord chat interface in your website, without paying for third-party services that relay this data through to the web via bots. If you are looking for a way to embed a full chat server in your website, then this stack is not for you.

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