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Drop anything – a video, a slideshow, text, another image – on top of an image. Add overlay patterns to your images. Choose from over 10 or add your own.

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DropOnImage is a responsive image stack that allows you to position another stack on top a background image with a nice overlay and great positioning control: Images, text, slideshows, movies.

When your responsive website is viewed on a small screen – the DropOnImage Stack simply expands the image if the content ‘grows’.

The DropOnImage Stack will let you add an overlay patterne – overlay patterns looks stylish and will allow you to use a lower resolution images, because the overlay pattern hides the noise you sometimes see on low resolution images.

There's over 10 different overlay patterns to choose from, and if that's not enough you can just add your own.

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DropOnImage Stack Info

  • Version 3.0.4

  • Released Aug 16th, 2016

  • DeFliGra
  • DropOnImage Stack Support
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DropOnImage Stack Reviews

Very clever image with text stack


6 years ago

This is a really powerful stack that allows you to place text on an image and make it respond well to the size of the browser. Loads of options are available including adding the supplied or your own overlay images with opacity to the image.

This is a great stack to use in a slider when you want to add text to the sliding images.

Also, this stack receives a lot of attention and frequently gets updated with yet more features.

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