DuckSearch adds a stylish DuckDuckGo search bar to your website, which can return search results for one or more different websites.

Will Woodgate
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Formally known as RapidSearch Go, the updated DuckSearch stack is pure HTML and CSS. No Javascript, PHP or MySQL. This stack will display a simple, fully customisable, search box in your webpage.

Unlike the DuckDuckGo widget, this search box does not use an iFrame and is optimised for webpage accessibility. This search box is also compatible with our free GlobalSearch stack, if you need even more style options.

When the search button is pressed, a new tab or browser window opens. The search keywords and other parameters are passed over to DuckDuckGo, who then compile a list of search results.

An extensive choice of customisable options are available for your search results on DuckDuckGo. Not only can you choose what website to search, but some degree of styling and colouring is also feasible.

Setup of the DuckSearch stack is incredibly easy, because DuckDuckGo require no registration, API or license codes. If you know how to drag and drop a stack into your webpage, then you are already more-than proficient enough to use DuckSearch!

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