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Easy CMS is a simple and powerful way to manage your RapidWeaver site content online. Zero setup. Zero database. Just publish and go!

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Easy CMS is a simple and powerful way to manage your RapidWeaver site content online. It supports editing of all text throughout your page. You can edit the text from any 3rd party stack or RapidWeaver page setting, even meta tags. If the text is a part of the webpage, Easy CMS can manage it. Easy CMS can manage your images as well. This works great with any 3rd party stack that supports warehoused image. All this with zero setup, zero database, just publish and go!

For a more full featured online editing solution, check out Total CMS.

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Easy CMS Info

  • Version 1.7.3

  • Released Sep 08th, 2021

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Easy CMS Reviews

Gets more powerful with every release

Rob Beattie

5 years ago

While it started of as just a way to allow you to edit text and images from a browser (or on a mobile device) Easy CMS is actually a really powerful way to control all sorts of content. The new Toggle stack lets you 'queue' content for example and then have it displayed or hidden, depending on whether the toggle is set to on or off in the admin area. You can now embed videos, allow users to setup pre-defined content (for example a set of special offers) and then select which one is displayed from the admin area by clicking a drop down menu, have greater control over uploaded images than ever before and much more. Add the ability to edit any third party stack that has a text component that you can edit (for example an accordion, tab or music playlist stack) and you've got a very powerful way to edit your content for a one-off purchase price.

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It's called easy for a REASON!


6 years ago

Easy to set up, easy to maintain. This set of stacks will allow people you choose to edit content (text and images) where you, the designer, designate. The question invariably pops up if you need one admin page or an admin page for each page with editable content... The truth of the matter is that depends on you, you can configure 1 admin page to manage many page contents or you can have an admin page for each page's editable content, the choice is up to you!

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Easy CMS


6 years ago

This is really nice. This one took me a little longer to get a grasp on than other stacks. The whole CMS thing is new to me too! So I watched a video for Total/Easy CMS today, well only the Easy CMS part since that's what I have and didn't want to see what I was missing in the Total CMS part. The Easy CMS functions perfectly for what I want to do and once I went through the walkthrough video, it was easy to catch on. I think this was a good, easy way to learn about CMS.

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Great way to allow users to update text and images on their site


6 years ago

Really fast, easy way to develop sites so you can allow your customers (or yourself) to update text and images on your site, without the need to republish.

Allows you to enable text and image changes in any Stacks on your site, or even in areas not available to stacks, like browser titles and SEO Meta tags, very powerful, and for a one off price you can use it on as many sites as you want. Amazing value for money and so powerful.

Fast, easy and no database required and you can preview all the text in edit mode in RW itself.

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