With EcwidPro it's easier than ever to develop a website using Rapidweaver and selling online with Ecwid E-Commerce.

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The new EcwidPro from Axyn Technology, are packed with new features to easily integrate your Ecwid Store in your Rapidweaver website. They allow you to customize Ecwid to fit your website design in ways which are not available anywhere else, nowhere. Your can control the fonts, buttons, colors, headings, text… the look and feel of most of the Ecwid elements. That includes elements in the Category, Product and Product Details pages, Search, Shopping Cart, "Buy Now" Products and much more.

We have added some new and unique functionality to the Ecwid Stacks:

  • Now includes 38 stacks (vs 8 in previous version), 30 new stacks!
  • New Order Fields Stack. 'Form' fields can now be dynamically added to the checkout process.
  • New (two) "pop-up" modal stacks (Product Modal & Modal) you can dynamically engage potential customers visiting your online store, and promote sales/products depending where they navigate in your online store.
  • New Icon Menu Stack lets you create graphical Ecwid navigation menus, that can replace the footer menu or the categories menu.
  • New modular Customizer, re-organized in order to pack even more options, while being leaner and easier to use.
  • New Search Plus Stack. You can now search within a single or a set of categories.
  • New Categories Menu Stack, take control of you Ecwid menu.
  • New Edit mode previews wherever possible.
  • New ability to hide Ecwid elements.
  • New code optimizations for faster page loads.
  • New Font Stack (now part of the Customizer), now supports variable fonts.
  • New Visibility Stack to dynamically hide/show content in Ecwid pages.
  • New! customizer utility stack: Align Price/Buy Button in grid view.
  • New! Google fonts to Customizer Font Stack.
  • And much more… checkout more highlights below.

EcwidPro has been re-designed to be easier to use than its predecessor. The inspector panel of options have been either re-designed and/or better organized, so that the options are easier to understand.

Due to the many changes, the new version of the Customizer is not compatible with the Customizer v1.x, however, we include an updated legacy version of the Customizer Stack that is compatible with the new EcwidPro stacks. This allows previous v1 projects to work as they are (just need to add the new Base Stack to the pages containing Ecwid Stacks), until you are ready to replace the Customizer legacy stack, with the new and more powerful Customizer.

EcwidPro fully supports the new features of Stacks v4.x.

Selling online with Ecwid and EcwidPro from Axyn, is now easier and more powerful than ever.


With the Ecwid 2 Stacks from Axyn Technology, you can easily control the majority of aspects of your Ecwid store to fit the look and feel of your RW website. Set different local fonts to different elements of your Ecwid store. Control the color and size of different elements. Control how the image tiles display, how the product details page looks like, what elements are displayed on the category pages or details page… and so much more!


Although the EcwidPro suite of stacks are very powerful and give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your Ecwid store, they are simple to use!

EcwidPro is easy to integrate into any existing project, without the need to buy a new one. Just drop the Base Stack into a page of your project and enter your Ecwid Store ID . Then drop the Store Stack onto the same page, and you are ready to sell your products. After that, you can customize your Store, with the Customizer Stack, and/or add more advanced features or functionality with the other Ecwid Stacks.


The Ecwid 2 Stacks don't tie you down to any single project, framework or theme. Choose the framework that fits the way you like to develop. The Ecwid Stacks are compatible with UIkit3, Foundation6, Foundry, Source and Platform. But if you don't use any of these frameworks, the Axyn Ecwid Stacks can be used with the standard RW themes, as long as you have Stacks 4.x installed in Rapidweaver.


Rapidweaver 8.x or above and Stacks 4.x (requires a separate purchase from



  • 13 Main Stacks
  • 10 Customizer Child Stacks
  • 8 Icon Menu Child Stacks
  • 2 Legacy Stacks (hidden) for v1 projects compatibility

Sample projects for:

  • Standard RW Theme
  • UIkit3
  • Foundation 6
  • Foundry
  • Source
  • Platform
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EcwidPro Info

  • Version 2.1.0

  • Released Jan 21st, 2022

  • Axyn Technology
  • EcwidPro Support
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