Estiasis features the automatic grid interface for both images and blog, which is also easy to use with the standard built-in plugins.

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Estiasis is the first RapidWeaver theme that contains an automatic grid photo album, powered by the Isotope script. Easy to use with the drag & drop interface of the Photo Album plugin.


The Isotope option can also be used in the photo album or blog, producing an unusual layout for the standard RapidWeaver Blog plugin, another first for a RapidWeaver theme.


Zurb Foundation 5 is used for the framework layout, ensuring a responsive behaviour on different resolutions and devices.

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Estiasis Info

  • Version 2.1.0

  • Released Mar 06th, 2021

  • Archetypon
  • Estiasis Support
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Estiasis Reviews

For the Artist...


4 years ago

This theme is elegant, simple, and easy to work with. It is an ideal format for all types of artists who wish to feature their visual accomplishments an assorted platforms and formats.

Customer support is very timely and efficient. Well done Archetypon!

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Simple, yet complex


5 years ago

I love this theme! I don't want to tell you that because I don't want everyone to have the same site as me. :D

This theme is fairly easy to use out-of-the-box, and while the finished product appears pretty complex, setting up and blogging is actually pretty simple.

Aside from the theme's awesomeness, however, is the amazing support I've received whenever I have encountered a problem. Support is timely and is able to resolve my issues.

I highly recommend Archetypon's products.

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