Use the Expiry stack to hide or display RapidWeaver website content, based on the current date and time

Will Woodgate
2 reviews

Expiry is like auto-pilot for your website! It's a versatile tool that allows you to change your website content at just the right time, while you're enjoying life away from your computer. Use Expiry to do special sales events, product launches, a schedule of events, job listings, time limited links and buttons or any other scheduled update.

What's good about Expiry is that this stack uses server side code (PHP) to regulate whether content is shown or hidden. This decision making happens on the web server, before the webpage gets sent down to the web browser for display. Therefore a website user can't "fiddle" their clock settings to view content or look for it hidden in the page source code! The latter are potential weaknesses you may face with using client side Javascript to hide or display content. Expiry is much more reliable, in this regard.

In the easiest configuration, you could set a single date and time, you want content hidden after. Alternatively you could setup two date ranges, and choose to have content shown or hidden outside of these dates. Should you need to, it's also possible to nest one Expiry stack inside another!

If you need a more advanced array of date and display controls, the AdvancedPublisher set of stacks is definitely a better upgrade over Expiry. These stacks can help you do things like repeat an event daily, weekly or monthly and create more sophisticated test conditions. Expiry and AdvancedPublisher replace the former SeyDesign TimeRelease stack. Expiry is PHP 8 compatible.

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Expiry Info

  • Version 2.0.0

  • Released Apr 03rd, 2021

  • Will Woodgate
  • Expiry Support
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Expiry Reviews

Expiry is such an excellent tool


1 week ago

Will describes Expiry as being "humble but powerful..." but that's really an understatement!

This tool is invaluable for me when it comes to managing articles, particularly on the community website I curate on which there are frequently notices for events about which information inevitably expires or changes. Expiry means that I can auto-remove or change those notices without having to remember to do so at the time or date. I don't even have to be at my computer for the change to take effect.

No point in displaying a notice about a road closure after it's opened so Expiry stops the notice displaying at that time. Church services times change at religious holidays? No problem - Expiry will remove the notice about those special times and replace it with the one displaying the usual times. And because the stack which displays the article is not removed from the RapidWeaver project file, it's there for similar events in the future which means that only minor editing is required if I want to display the same article in the future.

Expiry not only enables the, ahem, expiry of a stack's contents but can be set to trigger the display the contents of a stack or stacks at any point in the future.

It's so good that this should be a paid-for stack, not just a free download with a quiet mention of the possibility of a donation. And no, I don't work for Will :-)

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Really useful


6 years ago

Really useful tool to dynamically show/hide content on a schedule. Used it first to create a Happy Halloween message that appeared then disappeared without me being there! Will do it again next year all by itself. Very handy stack.

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