A responsive and minimalist design; perfectly suited for the creation of personal websites, a simple portfolio or other single-page websites

Will Woodgate
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A beautiful theme to expose your personal brand to future clients or employees. Exposure is expertly designed and developed for anybody wanting to create an online resume for themselves or others. A flat design, crisp typography and mobile responsiveness make this theme perfect for the task.

Building and hosting your own resume website is not only a lot more fun, but is also more professional; compared with putting-up pages on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ etc. You have the choice of using your own domain name. Everybody should have an online resume to list past achievements and outline future goals. A great way to advertise oneself.

Exposure is not only limited to creating a really compelling resume website. Exposure could be great to use for a simple photography portfolio, a film making showcase or creative writing website. Or as a temporary 'coming soon' landing page. A couple of people have also found it useful for a single-page wedding website.

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Exposure Info

  • Version 6.0.0

  • Released Aug 16th, 2018

  • Will Woodgate
  • Exposure Support
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Exposure Reviews

Nice, Clean Theme


1 year ago

This is a great theme for a CV or resume page. Will's products are always top notch with support to match.

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