Grid-based layouts that can be as simple or as advanced as you like. Use your imagination to build interlocking, or overlaping content.

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Create powerful, grid-based layouts like never before

Flux provides a powerful platform to build both simple and complex grid designs. It uses CSS Grid technologies to allow you to build robust and versatile layouts with fine tuned control.

Flux is intended for users who want to take their layout building to the next level. It allows you to create advanced layouts, while removing the need to code from the equation.

You can use Flux to create basic columnized layouts, or gridded designs with ease, but Flux really shines when it comes to constructing interlocking or overlapping layouts.

Responsive design

Flux gives you the ability to restructure your layouts at each of the three, individual responsive breakpoints. This gives you greater control over your designs and adds to the versatility of the stack.

Columns & Rows

Flux allows you to specify not only how many rows and columns will make up your grid, but you can also define them independently at each responsive breakpoint, allowing you to tweak your design for each.


The real magic of this stack comes from its column and row spans. It allows you to specify how much space in the grid that each grid item will take up, as well as to optionally specify exactly where inside the grid individual items will appear. Flux's spans will give you the tools to build complex, interlocking and overlapping designs.


Individual Flux items can be styled with backgrounds, rounded corners, padding and shadows. This allows for unique, creative designs that can be customized for each breakpoint.

Animated Items and more

For most items within your Flux layout you'll be using normal Flux child stack items. Every now and again though it might be useful to include some animated elements within your grid. For that we've built a separate child stack that you can add to your layout to achieve simple, scroll-based animations.

Flux allows you fine-grained control over your layout and design. This advanced tool is great for the intermediate to advanced RapidWeaver user!

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