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#What's New! in Formloom 4

###UNLIMITED Sites / Forms Unlike other web form "services", you can use Formloom on all your web sites! There is no limit to how many forms or web sites a single copy of Formloom 4 will work with.

###Multi-Step Forms Got a super long form? Well now you can break it up into multiple steps.

###Rules Hide and show items based on the values of other items. Powerful conditionals are now in Formloom.

###Data Tables Built in support to view and filter through data submitted into MySQL.

###New Input Types We have added a bunch of new input types , including...

  • Date Range
  • Time Range
  • Date-Time Range
  • Signature
  • Star Rating
  • Range Slider
  • Currency
  • Security Question

###Mail Preview Preview how your emails will look directly inside Formloom 4.

###Better Email Design Formloom's new Email HTML wrapper will make any email look like a professional designed it.

###reCAPTCHA v.3 Support Make sure humans are filling out your forms, not bots using the new invisible reCaptcha v.3

###Font Awesome 5 Complete Font Awesome 5 support for placing over 1400 different icons in your input fields.

###Darknesss! Formloom 4 supports the new Mojave Dark Mode in RapidWeaver 8.1+

###Persist Data Tell your form to hold on to input entries until the form is complete. Even when the page gets reloaded by mistake.

###Included Formloom Helper Stack Using the Formloom 4 Helper Stack, you can now include any Formloom 4 form into any Stacks page.

###Added Style Settings Design your form by choosing the colors, font and font sizes for your form.

###Improved UX Things are looking really nice with the addition of full-screen functionailty, cleaner layout and retina optimized UI.

###Plus much more... There are just too many things to list them all here.

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FormLoom 4 Reviews

Best by far, support is amazing, FormLoom 4 is the best


2 years ago

I designed an incredibly complex form across many pages. Mike was extremely professional and got the issues solved. I give my highest recommendation to Mike and FormLoom, this is the standard I hope to see in all my work. Thank you for all the excellent work!

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A complete set


3 years ago

I used version 3 and I did the update. After some problems with the settings (then resolved) I have configured everything and it works very well. Everything is easily customizable. I recommend it.

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Doesn't seem to work anymore.

Neal Tobochnik

3 years ago

At one time it worked. Now crashes rw 6,rw7, and rw8 on selection.

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Superior Customer Service

Eric Vaughn

6 years ago

FormLoom 3 is by far the best form creating stack/plug-in available for Rapidweaver. Mike is quick to answer technical questions and is knowledgeable about his craft. I appreciate the superior customer service you guys provide!!

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The Best

Raul Del Corte Valiente

6 years ago


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Very good


7 years ago

Formloom is a very polished form creator for your rapidweaver website, if you need from a simple to a complex form, this is a secure addon.

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Fat Man in the Bathtub

7 years ago

Quite possibly the best upgrade (v2 to v3) of a Rapidweaver plugin I've ever seen.

The feature-set is so rich, with so many options for customisation and configuration, and it just works out of the box. You will do a double take, the options are that staggering.

Responsive, multiple columns are now a reality as well, meaning complex form layouts are only defined by your requirements and imagination.

Add in the ability to easily import a FL3 page into any Stacks page, and you have a COMPLETE FORM SOLUTION for Rapidweaver.

FL3 definitely sets a new standard for other developers upgrading their plugins.

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Brian M


7 years ago

Just upgraded to Formloom 3, and I must say that this is best version yet. I love the ease of use, custom styles, and the features! You can create almost any form with Formloom 3.

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