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FormsPlus takes RapidWeaver contact forms to a whole new level. With FormsPlus, you can build complete multi-step wizards, guides or tutorials to walk the user through lengthy forms or questionnaires. Need to allow file uploads? FormsPlus also supports a powerful file uploader that allow visitors to upload files up to 2GB to your site without any server configuration. With FormsPlus, you'll never look at contact forms that same.

Additionally, FormsPlus is feature packed to support:

  • Customizable email templates. Send emails populated with user responses
  • Form validation. Prevent users from submitting a form with errors
  • File uploader. Upload files up to 2GB without any server configuration!
  • Stylish Range slider
  • Google Analytics Event tracking
  • Pre-populated country, US/MX state, CA province, and timezone lists
  • Date menu
  • Fully customizable to match your site style
  • Fully localizable for any language
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FormsPlus Info

  • Version 2.0.4

  • Released Apr 22nd, 2021

  • Chillidog Software
  • FormsPlus Support
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FormsPlus Reviews

Frustrating But They Tried


1 year ago

I cannot get this stack to work, they did work hard in an attempt to resolve the issue, but in the end, it didn't work out.

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Excellent product, no major bugs


2 years ago

Versatile product. Have found no major bugs (1.8.2) Works as described, looks are customizable and it does a little more than promised. Developer is quick to respond with questions as I found out, but the stack is pretty much self explanatory. Would recommend it.

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Has promise, but major bugs make it unusable.

Eric Embacher

4 years ago

This could be a really nice stack that sets itself apart from the large set of other form stacks out there by offering a "step wizard"--very useful for large forms. Unfortunately, the current version (1.1.2) has 3 major bugs which make it unusable for me. It's clear the stack was never tested before release. Worse still is the developer, after being made aware of them, says "I'll look into it when I have time". After a week of trying to find a workaround and pleading with the developer for a fix I had to abandon it and re-build the form another way (a refund was refused).

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