Create attractive, easy and accessible forms without PHP. Forms can be submitted through a variety of methods and online services

Will Woodgate
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A contact form stack, without the pain and problems of PHP!

Formulate is a great alternative to use if your hosting company doesn't support PHP particularly well. At other times, Formulate customers have preferred using this stack to forward mail directly to free mail accounts (like Gmail or Hotmail) or create an online portal to login and view collected messages.

What you'll find is Formulate gives you a superb system of sub-stacks to quickly add a vast choice of input types to your form. Everything complies with important accessibility and privacy protection laws.

Formulate was primarily designed for use with free and paid ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes that include the Bootstrap frontend framework. However if you are using themes from another company (that lack Bootstrap support), a checkbox option lets you custom-style your forms.

In the absence of using PHP (in the backend) to process form submissions, you can instead opt to have submissions emailed (using a desktop email app) or sent through a "cloud" form processing service like,, or even submitted directly to a Google Docs spreadsheet using

It must be said that Formulate is not completely "anti PHP"! If you or a web developer are building a custom website or webapp that does very specialist handing of form submissions, then you can use the POST or GET submission types to send your entire form data to wherever it needs to be. Perfect to use in conjunction with stacks like Builder.

A free trial version of Formulate can be downloaded from the product page. This grants you a perfect opportunity to fully evaluate the entire stack, practice building some real web forms, and then decide if you want Formulate in your addon collection.

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Formulate Info

  • Version 1.3.0

  • Released May 26th, 2021

  • Will Woodgate
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Formulate Reviews

Very easy to use.


1 year ago

This stack is super easy to use (just open a free account with I wanted a stack to use in a multi language site (with RWML). I also tried other stacks (like FormsPlus). All very good, but I think for most of the use Formulate is the best, as it is easy to use and not expensive!

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