Confidential Data Behind Lock And Key With Time-based One-Time Passwords

J. Barth (Navigio)
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Protecting Your Data Made Easy!

Gatekeeper is the easiest way to protect your content. It works with Time-Based One-Time passwords, so you don't have to remember anything. All you need is an authenticator app or a Yubikey!

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Uses Time-based One-Time Passwords. No need to remember a PIN!


Security check is done locally; no data leaves your server.


Protect as many pages as you want with a single Gatekeeper instance.


No content is loaded before a successful log-in!

Requires RapidWeaver version 8, Stacks plugin version 4.2 or higher, PHP 7.2 or higher

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Gatekeeper Info

  • Version 1.0.2

  • Released Jul 06th, 2021

  • J. Barth (Navigio)
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