A quick and easy popup developed exclusively for RapidWeaver, first released in 2011

Will Woodgate
1 reviews

Popup panels done properly! Gateway lets you display content panels on a webpage, that can slide-in from the top, bottom, left or right. With the option of a background tint shade. Ideal if you have an important message to tell your website users or you just fancy creating extra sidebar boxes. Powerful CSS layout, style, colour and sizing options make setup of Gateway quick for anybody to master. Plus you have various options to control how your Gateway panels are shown and hidden, complete with intelligent cookie tracking.

Gateway was one of the first stacks I ever made for RapidWeaver. I needed this stack, because other popup effects were clumsy for people to navigate and looked plain ugly. Used in moderation, popups can be a useful component in many websites. It is easy to restyle Gateway and make it look like an integral part of your completed websites.

Gateway was coded exclusively for RapidWeaver. This is NOT just some random popup plugin that has been lifted from somewhere else and packaged as a stack to make some quick cash! Every aspect of Gateway has been carefully and thoughtfully created. Along the way, lots of features real users have asked for have been added to Gateway. Now a decade later, Gateway can confidently claim to be one of the very best and most widely used popup stacks for RapidWeaver. And it's easy to see why.

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Gateway Info

  • Version 3.1.2

  • Released May 27th, 2022

  • Will Woodgate
  • Gateway Support
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Gateway Reviews

Gateway is simple, flexible, full-featured and solidly supported

Lindy Talbot

1 year ago

I've used Gateway on a few projects, most recently for the launch of an author's latest novel ( We were looking for a partial page dropdown that, upon entering the site, would focus the user's attention on the new release, allow them to go to the new book's page on the site, and could incorporate a delay cookie so viewers had some 'breathing room' to navigate around the site before being shown the dropdown again. The stack accommodates other stacks to really customize the look and functionality, as well as the ability to be launched by another stack (such as a button or image).

Will Woodgate, Gateway's author and a seasoned/trusted RW community developer, has done a fantastic job with this stack. Furthermore -- and this is true for ALL of his stacks -- Will's timely support and obvious user-focus helped me get the most out of my very fair investment in this stack. I highly recommend Gateway. Highly recommended.

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