Gator builds practically any style of website navigation. Includes various accessibility features and an incredible choice of customisations

Will Woodgate
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A website navigator stack with serious bite!

Quite possibly the best navigation stack on the market for RapidWeaver. Development of Gator has been led by several expert RapidWeaver users, who've been desperate to see the navigation menu that commonly features in several ThemeFlood themes ported-over to Stacks, for use in blank frameworks, like Foundry and Foundation.

Themes are suppose to provide a decent navigation menu built-in. But as many have found out, the navigation stacks so-often bundled with blank frameworks fail to meet expectations or have other critical flaws limiting their use. Such flaws could include...

  • Parent page links that cannot be set as links.
  • Weak support for additional content in the navigation bar.
  • Lack of ability to navigate a menu using the tab key (critical for compliance with accessibility laws).
  • Poor choice of colour or style settings to change the appearance of a menu.

As any expert would tell you, navigation is one of the most important aspects of any web design to get correct. Simply put, if end users are faced with a glitchy navigation menu, they will often navigate away to another website. Likewise a menu should look and feel like an integral part of a completed web design; rather than giving an impression of something that was crudely bolted-on as an afterthought!

Gator is derived from the same menu codebase we have been using in ThemeFlood themes for over 12 years, so you are getting something that is truly tried and tested. This stack is expertly developed and includes a number of features never seen in other navigation stacks before. Particular emphasis has been placed on ease of setup, durability, user accessibility, responsive behaviour and flexible styling.

Gator can take the navigation links most RapidWeaver themes generate. Alternatively you can use our HTML markup as a template for custom-building your own menu structure. Menu types like tabs, nav bars, vertical blocks and even a simple multi-column mega menu are all achievable using Gator.

Common navigation problems Gator can provide a solution for include:

  • Support for multiple levels of subpages.
  • Configure the mobile / desktop breakpoint to avoid display issues.
  • Essential accessibility features for website users with disabilities.
  • Ability to hide the menu in print and PDF output.
  • Subtle mouseover animation effects for a more professional feel.
  • Quickly add additional content before or after the parent links (like a logo or social icons).
  • Toggle between a horizontal or vertical navigation menu on desktop.
  • Restyle the menu to match existing styling or branding.
  • No irritation of having to click parent pages to reveal the subpages.
  • Effortlessly change link alignment within a few clicks.
  • Safe incorporation of optional Font Awesome Icons, next to link labels.
  • The hamburger mobile menu button is clearly marked 'Menu', so people actually know what it is!
  • Modern markup, clean code and intelligent layout with CSS Flexbox.
  • Easily handles long subpage links that need to span multiple lines.

Settings for Gator are split into 6 groups, ordered conveniently for experts working from a mobile-first principle:

  1. General settings
  2. Accessibility settings
  3. Mobile menu settings
  4. Desktop nav bar settings
  5. Drop-down menu settings
  6. Additional content

If you've tried the rest but are looking for the best, then give Gator a go! This is a navigator stack that won't disappoint. A fully functioning free demo version is available to download and install on your computer. This free trial will help you experiment with all that Gator can do.

Beyond the standard set of style options provided in Gator, a lot is also accomplishable by placing Gator inside other stacks (like 'sticky' bars) and help is available on-hand for simple CSS modifications you want to make.

PS: Gator is also available in a free variant for use in premium ThemeFlood themes, like RWSkinz. See this page for details and a complimentary download link.

If you have any questions about Gator, please get in touch. We're happy to explain some of its features and ways in which it could help you.

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Gator Info

  • Version 1.1.0

  • Released Feb 07th, 2019

  • Will Woodgate
  • Gator Support
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Gator Reviews

Very flexible navigation stack


2 years ago

If you are not happy with the navigation of your theme, this is the stack for you. It lets you put the navbar wherever you want and allows you all kinds of customization. With the themes I was using, I always ended up hacking the original navigation bar away and making my own one. This stack makes life easier. One can still use the same links that RapidWeaver creates by default but you can also make your own by simply writing a html list (sub-list for sub-menu and so on). It's also perfect for single-page navigation, or a combination of single-page and other-page links. Support is also great as always with Will Woodgate!

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