Uses pure HTML and CSS to create captivating hierarchies; like linear family trees or business structure hierarchies.

Will Woodgate
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A unique stack for creating linear hierarchies. Pure HTML and CSS means that the completed diagrams are responsive, accessible and search engine optimised - without the overheads of complicated Javascript code or messy images.

If you want to present a family tree on your website or any other simple linear hierarchies with downward-connecting branches, then the Hierarchy stack is just the job!

You can either create your hierarchies using a method of sub-stacks in edit mode. Or write your hierarchy in raw HTML code using nested lists (if you think it's going to grow very long or complicated). Alternatively the Hierarchy stack can take the menu generated by your theme and present it as a site map.

Lots of options exist to customise the style and appearance of your completed hierarchies. Each item can be set as a link and optional left or right nodes added too.

A truly unique Stack for RapidWeaver; of which none of similar capability exists.

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