Horizon Parallax

Creating specialized parallaxing content. These effects work across multiple devices & can serve to add a visual depth to website.

One Little Designer
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Simple Setup Just like any other stack you only need to add your background & content then simply select a preset.

Adjustments Horizon Parallax also gives you control of spacing, sizing, & layout. Make all the adjustments you need to get things exactly how you want.

Add Stacks This stack supports most any other stack as content. Compatibility is a top priority & if you have any issues our team will be there to help.

Presets Horizon Parallax comes with eight different presets to choose from that cover a nice variety of effects.

Custom Mode If you like to tinker & create your own effects you can do that also! With the custom mode you can control the background & three separate foreground content sections.

Shapes This stack also includes a few dividing shapes like the ones demoed on this page. However, if you have the Shape Sector stack you can use it to create awesome custom designs.

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