Typography never looked so attractive! Get rid of boring texts with this Titles Pack. Amazing animations will leave your audience impressed!

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HypeTitles, StacksPlugin & HypePro®

The HypePro based Stacks is the next generation of packages with original contents for RapidWeaver. All animations are designed exclusively for Stacks.

Amazing animations like After effects in video editing

This stack allows you to set 16 animations. The animation starts immediately or delayed, 1, 2 seconds or static.

Fitting to your style

Creating original contents and interactivity for users is the main purpose of this stack. Let HypeTitles work for you!

Special Effects: Clipping Text & shadow

Add new dimensions to text effects using the clip-text property or a solid shadow.

Built-in WebFont & Google Fonts

Custom Font: This stack delivers several built-in web fonts and also Web Safe font. A special option is available to apply Google Fonts online to the title (with Font weights). You can also load font from embedded fonts in the current theme, from embedded font in the project and from external libraries. WebFonts have the ability to draw attention, convey emotion, and even be one of the most important brand elements you can have in your Project. With HypeTitles you can build any kind of Headline easily. Mix Fonts and Colours to create Infinite Combinations.

Exclusive Font “CORDIAL PRO” web Font family. Exclusive font available in this stack by the professional typeface designer Riccardo Olocco.

Smart Grid & Dashboard

The construction grid is visible only in preview. It helps you with text alignment. You can check the animation with the timeline slider. Also a dashboard is available in Edit Mode with basic settings, the settings changes are reflected in the UI.

Perfect Retina & Responsive

Based on "SVG" and "Vector shapes", powered by JavaScript, work in all modern browsers and look perfect at any devices. This Stack is fully responsive, adjusting its layout widths based on your visitor's device and the current browser size.

Demo project

In the DMG file we enclose also all examples online and further projects for all RW frameworks FOUNDATION, FOUNDRY, UIKIT, PLATFORM and SOURCE. Also projects with multilingual tools.

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HypeTitles Info

  • Version 1.1.5

  • Released Feb 07th, 2022

  • Multithemes
  • HypeTitles Support
  • Version History

HypeTitles Reviews

VIdeo effects for web

herman konner

1 year ago

Instant buy, I was looking for something similar and this stack is perfect for my needs. recommended 100%

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impact headers


1 year ago

I bought the bundles and I already know the team's products. I tried some samples and this stack changes the impact of my page. definitely innovative!

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finally hype on stacks

Felipe G.

1 year ago

I love hype for web animaitons and this stack offer the same effects! never seen something like this before. Animated titles with a loto of styles.

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add something special

Pablo B.

2 years ago

I am fairly inexperienced but with RapidWeaver I made my site in no time. I have acquired these titles to enrich the main page and I am very happy. Now the style is truly unique! exactly what I want, recommended.

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Amazing animations

Anna loreti.

2 years ago

If you are looking for something new and original, this is the right stack. fantastic animated titles!

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high-impact effects!

Alfredo Bauer

2 years ago

I didn't think it was possible to have such smooth animations even in a browser. Exceptional high-impact effects.

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Modern way to build headers


2 years ago

I love this stack, I’ve bought also boxedtiles and I used both on my projects. Amazing effects and embedded fonts. The developer is responsive, good support. Recommended!!

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Like a video but is an header

Fabio Ronconi

2 years ago

After trying the theme I also took the stack, really fantastic, easy to use and with a great impact, I recommend it all.

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