Image Fit

Advanced image stacks w/ precise sizing and effects

Axyn Technology
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Advanced image stack with precise size and effect control.

Image Fit can accept 4 types of images: drag & drop images, including the new Stacks 4.x site images as well as image well and warehoused images.

Images can be resized to exact dimensions, aligned left, center or right. The responsive behavior of the images can be set in order to best fit into to those chosen dimension: Fill, Cover, Contain and Scale down.

Additionally images can be rotated in 3-axis w/ perspective, scaled, skewed, moved and animated without any Javascript, as well as borders, shadows, rounded corners and porthole (round or oval image).

They can be set as clickable links (which can be opened in place or in a new window or tab) and the z-index can also be set.

They can be set to be draggable and work seamlessly with our Dropper and Image Replacer Stacks

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Image Fit Info

  • Version 1.2.2

  • Released Apr 19th, 2021

  • Axyn Technology
  • Image Fit Support
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