A powerful stack for creating a website search, based on your sitemap and webpage meta data. Developed exclusively for RapidWeaver.

Will Woodgate
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Formally the RapidSearch Live stack. Now rebranded to Indexer and offered on the Stacks4Stacks website.

Start by dragging and dropping the Indexer stack into your website and publish your new search page. Press and hold the search bar for 3 seconds to open the Admin Console. Click the button to begin an index of your website. During this period, Indexer goes to your sitemap.xml file and visits each of the webpages listed in your sitemap. From your webpages, Indexer 'spiders' the page link, page title, meta data and open graph meta tags. With this information, Indexer generates its own XML database to store all the search results within. After returning back to your search page, all this harvested data forms the basis for your website search.

End users to your website see an attractive search form. After entering their keywords, search results are instantly returned 'live' without a reload of the page. Through use of OG (Open Graph) meta images, you can enrich your search results with icons or pictures.

Key Features:

  • No MySQL database or complicated configuration. Indexer constructs its own flat-file database in XML format.
  • Simply give Indexer your sitemap.xml file, and it will intelligently 'spider' all your existing webpages.
  • A simple (and client safe!) Admin Console to access, for managing your website search.
  • Add pictures to your search results, by providing Open Graph images in your RapidWeaver social media settings.
  • Various optimisations to improve search box accessibility and to help your website users with disabilities.
  • Show search results 'live' as a user types in the box, or only show search results when the 'search' button is clicked (the latter is the default behaviour).
  • Various style and colour settings for the search bar. Or use a search bar built with the free GlobalSearch stack on another webpage.
  • Control what information is shown in your search results and add optional labels against items like keywords.
  • Font styling and link colours get inherited from your RapidWeaver theme style settings, for greater design consistency and less setup work.
  • An optional setting to automatically redirect the user to the target webpage, if only a single 'positive' result is returned when the search is executed.
  • Support for 5 bespoke DOM types, so you can have Indexer build its search database using other webpage content or data.
  • Make the entire search result item a clickable link or restrict clicking to only the image / title and URL.
  • Ability to test Indexer in RapidWeaver Preview, prior to publishing your website online.
  • No adverts, no privacy blackholes, no sponsored links, no API keys to deal with! Indexer is entirely your own search engine.

Indexer is a stack element, and therefore requires the Yourhead Software 'Stacks' plugin. This stack can only be added to a 'Stacks' page type within RapidWeaver. Stacks v4.0 or above is required.

Please download and try the free demo version of Indexer.

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