The ultimate calendar event stack for RapidWeaver. Connect Google, Outlook, iCal calendars, or add your own custom calendars with stacks.

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The ultimate calendar event stack for RapidWeaver


External / Internal Calendars

Connect calendars from Google, Outlook, or any other public calendar with an iCal address OR create calendars & events right within RapidWeaver!

Limitless Calendars

Add as many calendars as you'd like. Perfect for displaying different types of events on your website like: meetings, sports, parties, conferences, etc.

Automagic event organization

We have spent over a month researching the latest and greatest techniques from the best calendar apps on the web to provide you with event organization like you've never seen before.

Language & Text Support

Kalendar supports over 20+ languages and comes with options for custom text content.

Built in Datepicker (with dots!)

Kalendar comes equipped with a fully customizable datepicker, including highlighted dots for events and more.

Event Popups

Kalendar comes equipped with a beautiful event popup for displaying event details, that looks great on all devices.

Markdown Event Descriptions

Write your event descriptions using markdown on your Google, Outlook, iCal calendars and they will be converted automatically converted to markdown.

Responsive & Customizable

Kalendar comes with tons of styling options and is fully responsive, ready for Desktop and Mobile devices

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Kalendar Info

  • Version 1.0.7

  • Released Dec 21st, 2018

  • Weavium
  • Kalendar Support
  • Version History

Kalendar Reviews

Problems, problems


1 year ago

I can't get my own calendars to appear and am still waiting for a reply to a mail from August 26th 2019. Is there any more to say?

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