Locker is a dead simple stack with no frills. Anything added into this stack within Edit Mode will not get previewed or published. Temporarily remove stacks that you may have spent tons of time setting up. Or maybe you just want to take some text notes to remind you of important tasks later.

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Locker Info

  • Version 1.1.4

  • Released Sep 20th, 2015

  • Weaver's Space
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Locker Reviews

great tool


5 years ago

I started using this when making a page that I had used similar designs but with different stacks and I just move them in and out of Locker to compare and see what I like better. And I can make notes about what I want to do and when I come back to it later, I have a way to remember what I was thinking to do without having to have post it notes all over my desk. This is very useful for me and I think you would thinks so too once you use it...get it!

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Do You Run Promotions?


5 years ago

I run promotions on one of my sites, where every couple of months I put in a price discount, a free item, etc. I have specifically tailored a CSS stack so it stands out nicely. When the promotion is done, I just dump that same stack back into the locker stack until the next time I need it, when I enter the updated details and drag it back onto the page. Sure, I could create a custom stack, partial, etc, and do something similar, but this is just dead simple and quick, and doesn't clutter up the rest of the project. It's just a great little way to make life easier. And if you're playing around with different layout options on a page, it lets you quickly enable, disable different stacks without have to actually remove or delete them.

A good tool for both designing and for running on your site.

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Very handy tool


5 years ago

Very handy tool I use all the time. If you're working on a layout, but haven't finished, or want to quickly and easily remove something from the website you might want to use again or put back later, this is the tool to use.

Just drop any set of stacks into it, and they don't get published! Simple. Use it all the time when working on a page but haven't quite finished. Drop it into a Locker stack and come back to it later, when you're finished take it out of the locker stack and publish and it's there! I use this one more than I would have imagined.

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