A modern and mobile responsive theme brimming with a large quantity of expert-grade features

Will Woodgate
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The original Magnetic RapidWeaver theme (released in 2008) was designed and developed by Henk Vrieselaar. In October 2019, we embarked on redesigning the Magnetic theme to make it more appealing to a wider range of RapidWeaver users.

Magnetic is made for RapidWeaver 8 and above. This is because the Magnetic theme uses some new theme API features not available in older versions of RapidWeaver. For example, all the colour pickers support RGBa and there are special number boxes to precisely adjust things like breakpoints and sizing. This makes Magnetic easy to customise and extensively flexible.

The new Magnetic theme has a blocky, asymmetrical appearance. The 'light on dark' colour scheme makes for a distinctive design. You'll note that we have embraced modern design techniques like the use of embedded font faces, gradient backgrounds and generous spacing around different elements.

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