A dynamic masonry grid layout with support for images and many other content types. Easy setup, maximum flexibility, and stunning results.

Will Woodgate
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Masonry grids are a popular trend all over the modern internet. The asymmetric randomness makes an interesting way to present content, with the ability for the grid to resize and reflow to fit different screen sizes.

Our Masonry stack provides you the choice between either a CSS or Javascript derived grid layout.

Options are provided to allow quick restyling of the grid spacing, borders and shadow effects. A key benefit of our Masonry stack is that alongside support for images, you can embed many other content types too.

In the past, the Masonry stack has been successfully used for the following tasks:

  • A grid of thumbnail images with links that reveal larger photographs when clicked.
  • Simple web stores combining images, written content and 'buy now' buttons created with PayPal or Mal's E-commerce or Stripe.
  • A video gallery, by combining Masonry with popular video stacks like Player, VideoPlayer, VimStack and uTube.
  • Tables of forthcoming calendar events, including maps and downloadable .ics files generated with AddEvent.
  • Creation of a TOC (table of contents) providing section headings, summary text and links.
  • Presentation of client testimonials and reviews from past customers.

Individual bricks can be set as links to other webpages or configured to launch lightbox stacks. Another bonus feature is the ability to make bricks time-sensitive and have them hidden or shown when a certain time has passed - particularly useful for building a calendar of events.

Novice RapidWeaver users should face no intimidation or difficulty constructing layouts with Masonry. We provide only the most essential settings to get the job done! A drag-and-drop user interface makes setup easy. Likewise expert RapidWeaver users will be thankful for the provision of many class selector names in the source code for Masonry; thereby permitting further extension of the stack styling with custom CSS code.

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Masonry Info

  • Version 3.0.0

  • Released Feb 10th, 2020

  • Will Woodgate
  • Masonry Support
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Masonry Reviews

Great tool


1 year ago

I have lots of pictures and other stuff that I would like to organize on a dynamic page and I found this tool (as many other S4S Stacks) just right for my needs. It's reasonally priced and works fantastic! I recommend.

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