A basic blogging stack, reusing blog content published via your Tumblr account.

Will Woodgate
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During the current COVID-19 crisis, MicroBlog is generously provided as a free download for any RapidWeaver users needing to deploy a blog. Because blogs are great for keeping in contact, diversifying your income, or sharing your knowledge. If you like using this stack or have any questions about it, please consider making a small donation, to directly support our ongoing development of the MicroBlog stack.

Tumblr is great platform for blogging and offers excellent desktop, smartphone and tablet apps for managing and publishing new content to your blog. Different content types are supported. You also have a couple of useful features at your disposal, like scheduled posting and sharing posts across your social media accounts.

The purpose of MicroBlog is to reuse your Tumblr blog RSS feed and bring your most recent blog postings directly into your website. This includes text, images, links, audio and video. No messy iFrames or ugly little widgets. MicroBlog helps you can make your Tumblr blog an integral part of your website, built with RapidWeaver.

Unlike the RapidWeaver blog, there is no need to republish your website each time you want to post a new blog entry. You can continue to use the Tumblr website or apps to compose and publish new entries. This means you can also contribute new content to your blog from almost anywhere in the world!

MicroBlog has no expensive up-front payment or subscription licensing. If you have modest blogging requirements and don't care for lots of complicated or seldom-used features, then this could be a perfect stack to start with.

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  • Version 3.0.1

  • Released May 16th, 2020

  • Will Woodgate
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