Complete GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA and APEC-CBPR compliance, in a single stack. Get consent, manage site privacy and conditionally display content.

Will Woodgate
2 reviews

Website privacy and tracking is often a major headache for many people deploying websites. So we made the MiniCookie stack. A single stack that does everything the average law-abiding website owner needs to proactively comply with GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA and APEC-CBPR regulations.

MiniCookie can offer you the following configurations:

  • Display a subtle yet stylish privacy popup message to new users landing on your website. Complete control over the style, positioning, content and links. Unlike the RapidWeaver privacy popup options, you can customise the name and expiry date of your user consent tracking cookie.
  • If you prefer continuing to use the RapidWeaver privacy popup (in Settings > Privacy) then MiniCookie can radically restyle the message box and give it extra eye candy. Make it look more like an integral part of your website.
  • Assuming we want to stop content from other websites (like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics or Google Maps) loading until a user gives their consent to this content, we can set MiniCookie to Conditional Display mode and control what is loaded, based on the presence of a consent cookie. Or display alternative content in its place.
  • Simple buttons to go on your privacy policy page (or elsewhere) to extend the functions offered in the free CookieManager stack. Use buttons to create, modify or delete cookies and offline storage items like localStorage and sessionStorage.
  • Display a table of cookies or offline storage items the website user has collected while browsing your website, with easy-to-use buttons for them to instantly delete any collected data.
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MiniCookie Info

  • Version 2.3.1

  • Released May 27th, 2022

  • Will Woodgate
  • MiniCookie Support
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MiniCookie Reviews

MiniCookie is a great tool


1 year ago

Easy to set up and as powerful as few others. I advise!

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MiniCookie - legal requirements committed in Germany! Great support!

diedmann media development UG

2 years ago

We have now integrated this great cookie stack on almost all of our projects.

This stack is the only solution for RapidWeaver with which the legal requirements in Germany can be implemented.

"Accordingly, the active and free consent of the user is absolutely necessary before unnecessary cookies are placed on a website. Checkboxes that have been ticked in advance are also classified as illegal in the BGH judgment."

Will Woodgate's professional support helped us a lot. The contact was always very quick and friendly. Our problems and comments were always dealt with in great detail.

This helpful support, directly from the developer, is unique to us so far. A big thank you and praise from us!

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