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Will Woodgate
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The Mondrian theme was originally designed and developed by Henk Vrieselaar. This latest version preserves the original 'Mondrian' name and the basic look and feel of the theme design. However all the underlying source code has been completely overhauled and this theme has all-new style and colour settings.

Some of the key features in this update include:

  • Mondrian is now a responsive RapidWeaver theme design, with a toggle menu on mobile
  • A phenomenal choice of quality, embedded font face options to choose from; for headings, navigation and body content
  • Many more body, content, sidebar and footer background settings. In total, a choice of over 100 textured designs
  • Optimised the theme for use with RapidCart Pro (sold separately) a demo of which can be viewed here
  • The 'flexbox' sidebar can be positioned left or right (on desktop) in a variety of widths and top or bottom (on mobile)
  • Use either a banner image dragged and dropped into RW7, a FreeStyle banner or ExtraContent 2
  • Easily change the logo, title and slogan positioning without needing extra CSS code
  • Increased the choice of width options available
  • Added a checkbox option that lets you stretch the banner full-width of the page
  • The theme now includes the complete Bootstrap 4 frontend framework, jQuery 3 and Font Awesome 5 Icons
  • Toggle between an animated drop-down menu, a cool mega-menu or a more simplistic sidebar navigation layout
  • Completely GDPR compliant - a self-contained theme with zero links to external websites or services

This stylish theme would be ideal for a variety of potential projects. Not only does it look great straight out of the box, but Mondrian is easy to build with, compatible with all modern web browsers and helps create webpages that load quickly. Mondrian uses valid HTML5 source code. The theme embraces some brand new web technologies, like WOFF2 embedded fonts and CSS Flexbox.

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