MovingBox is the must have slider for your stack toolbox.

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MovingBox is the must have slider for your stack toolbox. It not only does a simple slider, but you can also build a carousel or a slider with synced thumbnails. MovingBox has a plethora or navigation options that can defintely fit all of your styling needs. With the power and flexibility of MovingBox, you are never going to be able to stop using it!

You may not know that MovingBox has some history in the RapidWeaver community. It was the very first ever slider that was made into a stack. It really pushed the boundaries of what a stack could do at the time. This release is no different. Be prepared to be amazed...

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MovingBox Info

  • Version 2.4.0

  • Released Apr 18th, 2017

  • Weaver's Space
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MovingBox Reviews

Another cool stack


5 years ago

This is a great slider. So much you can do with it and it's easy to use. If you want a slider, this will give you all you were looking for and more. I agree with the review below...head over to the demo site and check it out.

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This is an advanced slider with lots of features. A great stack by a trust worthy developer. (good support & further development are usually fast)


6 years ago

Great for syncing two slideshows together (A slider & a carousel). There are lots of options, syncing, autoplay, navigation dots & arrows, vertical or horizontal layouts, variable heights.

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An incredible stack with limitless uses

Jon Hawkins

6 years ago

Moving Box 2 by Joe Workman really is an outstanding slider. One of the best stacks out there. And I buy a lot of stacks!

It would be hard for me to outline all the possibilities in a review.

I suggest heading to the demo site to view examples.

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The best slider ever!


6 years ago

Fast, smooth and with more useful options than any other slider. Don't build your site without it!

Fully responsive and with the ability to sync slides between different sliders, no other slider can do this. Another unique feature is the ability to have an external URL which means you can link directly to a specific slide, just amazing. You can also move to a slide using the link technique from anything on the page that can have a link, like a button or image or text.

Easy to build a one page website which looks brilliant. The slides can be any stack or combination of stacks not just images so totally flexible. Check The examples for this stack for more ideas.

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