Multi Switch

Allow your website visitors to easily switch multiple content sections.

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  • Switch absolutely any content including CSS
  • Use Multiple Toggle Switches, Radios or Icons
  • Set different Icons for On and Off content
  • Use Font Awesome Icons as switches
  • Horizontal, Vertical or Freestyle Layouts
  • Advanced layouts with nested Multi Switches
  • Single Switch mode for regular A/B switching
  • Enable OFF content for multi A/B switching
  • Use optional cookies to remember switch positions
  • Compatible with Privacy Center cookie categories

Switch Anything

Multi Switch allows you to switch any content, including text, images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Just add a Multi Switch Content stack and link it with a switch ID.

Content Anywhere

You can drag and drop Multi Switch toggle stacks and content stacks to anywhere on your page and use them inside your own layout stacks.

Nested Multi Switch

For advanced layouts, you can nest Multi Switch switches and content inside other Multi Switch content stacks. You can see some examples in the demo.

Lazy Loading

When you enable lazy loading, no HTML, CSS or Scripts are processed and external content is not downloaded until the corresponding switch turns them on.

Show OFF Content

As well as displaying content when switches are ON, you can also choose to display different content when your switches are OFF.

Single Switch A/B Mode

If you just want something simple, you can use a single switch in regular A/B mode.

Cookies (Optional)

Enable cookies and your switches and content will return to their previous state when the page is revisited or refreshed. It you use the Privacy Center Stack, you can assign a cookie category for the visitor to give consent before cookies are saved in their browser.

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