A slick Source project file that makes full use of the flexibility of Splider stack

Shaking the Habitual
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Here is a brand new Source project file called Natura and - along with the regular Source (and Source Addon stacks - I have also made good use of our 'companion' stacks (Splider, FAQ Toggle and Animate). As such these stacks (certainly Splider and Animate) are really required. I have also incorporated a demo blog page using the fabulous Poster 2 stack by Instacks - though this is entirely optional.

Key features

In this project I have made extensive use of Splider stack 1 to really showcase how flexible this slider stack is. Here are a few particular examples to look out for:

  • The Hero image slider on the home page (that makes use of the synced slider option)
  • The Poster 2 blog list on the Projects page has been laid out using Splider. That's right - you can layout all of your blog list items in a slider format!
  • Our About us page uses different Splider stacks as a novel approach for the Meet the Team card/flip/reveal section.


The Natura project file can be purchased on our Projects page with 20% off with the code natura20.

Our Source companion stacks (Splider, FAQ Toggle and Animate) can be purchased in a discounted bundle (the bundle effectively gets you the Animate or Toggle stack for free!). This bundle isn't listed anywhere but you can purchase using this link.

You can get EVERYTHING SOURCE in our Flying Start Bundle - this is includes all of our current (and future) Source projects - including Natura - Source and Source Addons stacks, our Source Companion stacks and our Source Academy courses. Further details here.


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